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  • ===> (warm-cold events)
  • Wijngaarden & Syed, 2015 . van Wijngaarden W.A., Syed A.: Changes in annual precipitation over the Earth’s land mass excluding Antarctica from the 18th century to 2013., Journal of Hydrology, 531, 1020-1027, 2015.
  • Kew et al., 2018. Kew S.F., Philip S.Y., van Oldenborgh G.J., Otto F.E.L., Vautard R. and van der Schrier G.: The Exceptional Summer Heat Wave in Southern Europe 2017 , Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 100, 549-553, 2018. Supplement at: (viene citato Kew et al., 2018)

  • meseguer-ruiz-etal-2018.pdf. Óliver MESEGUER-RUIZ, Joan Albert LOPEZ-BUSTINS, Laia ARBIOL ROCA, Javier MARTIN-VIDE , Javier MIRÓ, María José ESTRELA: Episodos de precipitaciòn torrencial en el Este y Sureste Ibéricos y su relaciòn con la variabilidad intraannual de la oscillaciòn del Mediterràneo Occidental (WeMO) entre 1950 y 2016.
  • (Tuscany precip. series, 1951-2017)
  • caillouet-etal-2019.pdf. Laurie Caillouet, Jean-Philippe Vidal, Eric Sauquet, Benjamin Graff, and Jean-Michel Soubeyroux: SCOPE Climate: a 142-year daily high-resolution ensemble meteorological reconstruction dataset over France., Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 11, 241-260, 2019.
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    Wildfires in the USA (png) From Curry-NaturalDisastersWeb-1.pdf Figure 1
    CEI Whole & West (pdf) (png)Sections All toghether
    CEI NW,NE,SW,SE (pdf) (png)Sections All toghether
    CEI All USA (pdf) (png)Whole USA
    CEI-West (pdf) (png) Whole West
    CEI-NW (pdf) (png) North-West
    CEI-SW (pdf) (png) South-West
    CEI-NE (pdf) (png) North-East
    CEI-SE (pdf) (png) South-East
    CEI-SPRING (pdf) (png) SpringMarch-May
    CEI-SUMMER (pdf) (png) SummerJune-August
    CEI-FALL (pdf) (png) FallSeptember-November
    CEI-WINTER (pdf) (png) WinterDecember-February
    CEI-WARM (pdf) (png) Warm SeasonApril-September
    CEI-COLD (pdf) (png) Cold SeasonOctober-March
    Spectral Distro (pdf) (png) All (12) Series
    Percent area affected by
    very warm & cold events
    (pdf) (png) In the contiguous US1895-2019
    Area ≥40% affected by
    VERY warm & cold events
    (pdf) (png) Events REALLY extreme
    Frequency of the above ≥40 (pdf) (png) In 10-yr bins1895-2014
    Monte Cimone new (pdf) (png) Updated through 2018October, and LOMBMonthly means
    Monte Cimone old (pdf) (png) Updated through 2014(old) Annual means
    MCimone old LOMB (pdf) (png) Updated through 2014 LOMB(old) Annual means
    Monte Cimone MAX (pdf) (png) Updated through 2018October, and LOMBMonthly means
    Strong Rain Events in
    East & South East Spain
    (pdf) (png) >200mm/24-hour10-day step
    Strong Rain Events and
    (pdf) (png) as the above plotwith WeMOi added
    Tuscany: monthly
    precipitation 1951-2017
    (pdf) (png)Percent of 1951-2000 average
    Tuscany: extreme
    (pdf) (png)Percent ≥200
    Tuscany: histogram of
    extreme precipitation
    (pdf) (png)5 and 10 yr wide bins
    precipitation 1870-2010
    (pdf) (png)Fig.5, Annual (median)
    temperature 1870-2010
    (pdf) (png)Fig.6, Annual (median)
    ---- -------------
    World Tmed,Tmax,Tmin.txtBy-Continent 2019/08/17 Temp. Also #of data points
    CEI All USA .txt1910-2018
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI West.txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-NW .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-SW .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-NE .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-SE .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-SPRING .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-SUMMER .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-FALL .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-WINTER .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-WARM .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    CEI-COLD .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    Spectral Distro .txtAll (12) Series
    Percent area affected by
    very warm & cold events
    (txt) In the contiguous US1895-2019
    Area ≥40% affected by
    very warm & cold events
    (txt) In the contiguous US1895-2019
    The above, 10-yr binned (txt) NOT used the last (incomplete) bin1895-2019
    M.Cimone new Anom (txt) Updated through 2018October, and LOMBMonthly means
    M.Cimone new Anom det (txt)
    M.Cimone new LOMB (out)
    M.Cimone 1961-90 nv (txt) nv=Normal Values
    M.Cimone MAX (txt) Updated through 2018OctoberMonthly means
    M.Cimone MAX det (txt)
    M.Cimone MAX LOMB (out)
    M.Cimone old txt (txt) Updated through 2014Annual means
    M.Cimone old det (txt)
    M.Cimone old LOMB (out)
    Strong Rain Events
    E & SE Spain
    Rain in Tuscany
    (txt) Courtesy prof. Sergio Pinna
    Extreme Rain in Tuscany
    (txt) Percent ≥ 200
    Binned Extreme Rain
    (txt) 10 and 5 yr bins
    Rain at Lyon-Bron
    (txt) Caillouet et al., 2019
    Temperature at Lyon-Bron
    (txt) Caillouet et al., 2019

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