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Fitting extended temperature anomalies

All my NOAA data available at: noaahome.html
  • Loelhe & Scafetta, 2011 ; Loelhe C., Scafetta N.: Climate Change Attribution Using Empirical Decomposition of Climatic Data, The Open Atmospheric Science Journal, 5, 74-86, 2011. S.I.; doi: 10.2174/1874282301105010074
  • Scafetta, 2013d ; Scafetta, N.: Discussion on climate oscillations: CMIP5 general circulation models versus a semi-empirical harmonic model based on astronomical cycles , Earth-Science Review , 126, 321-357, 2013. doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2013.08.008
  • Tan et al., 2003; Tan M, Liu T, Hou J, Qin X, Zhang H, Li T: Cyclic rapid warming on centennial-scale revealed by a 2650-year stalagmite record of warm season temperature , GRL, 30, 191-194, 2003. doi:10.1029/2003GL017352
    Plots, Figures     
    NOAA Monthly Anomaly(pdf) (png) Temp. Anom. November 2018
    Shihua Cave(pdf) (png) Temp. Anom. Tan et al., 2003
    Chin046 Dendro(pdf) (png) Tree rings NOAA Page
    Fitting NOAA 5(pdf) (png)  5 parameters, sin+line, f15
    Fitting NOAA 8(pdf) (png)  8 parameters, 2 sin+line, f20
    Fitting NOAA 11(pdf) (png) 11 parameters 3 sin+line, f21
    Fitting NOAA 14(pdf) (png) 14 parameters4 sin+line, f22
    Fitting NOAA 14 color(pdf) (png) 14 parameters4 sin+line, colors
    Extending NOAA 14(pdf) (png) 1600-2099 CET ext & 1811
    Fitting NOAA 20(pdf) (png) 20 parameters6 sin+line, f22: NOT available
    Extending NOAA 20(pdf) (png) 1500-2100 CET ext & 1811: f23 manual+f22
    Fitting gnifetti all(pdf) (png) 20 parameters, only fit6 sin+line, 800-2006 CE
    Gnifetti comparison(pdf) (png) 800-2006 CE also CET ext & f23 gnifetti
    Gnifetti, CET, Tan-Liu(pdf) (png) 0-2200 CE also CET, f23 gnifetti ext, Tan etal, 2003
    All series(pdf) (png) 656 BCE, 2200 CE NOAA, CET, Gnifetti ext, Tan etal, 2003
    All series 1700-2200(pdf) (png) 1700-2200 CE As above, enlarged, =====> zoom
    Marcott's Fitting odp-10848(pdf) (png) 20 parameters, only fit6 sin+line, 0-21000 yr BP
    Marcott's stack 3(pdf) (png) 0-12000 CE 3 latitude-belts
    Scafetta's model (pdf) (png) applied to NOAA 1811
    Comp. Scafetta-14 param.(pdf) (png)
    NOAA+Scafetta RCP(pdf) (png) 2 RCP Scenarios (2.6/8.5)
    (pdf) (png)
    NOAA 1811t.dat(dat)Through Nov. 2018
    NOAA-18.dat(dat)Annual values
    CET yr ext anom (out)
    Colle Gnifetti (txt)800 to 2006 CE
    Shihua Cave (txt)-650 to 1985 CE
    Chin046 (txt)450 to 2004 CE Data, original
    afit15.out(out)5 params, sin+line
    afit20.out(out)8 params, 2 sin+line
    afit21.out(out)11 params, 3 sin+line
    afit22.out(out)14 params, 4 sin+line
    afit23.out(out)20 params, 6 sin+line
    afitgn.out (gnifetti)(out)20 params, 6 sin+line 800-1850
    afitgn-all.out (gnifetti)(out)20 params, 6 sin+line 800-2006
    fgnext.out (gnifetti)(out)20 params, 6sin+line+4sin+line, manual
    fgn2200.out (gnifetti)(out)as above, 1-2200 CE
    fgn2800.out (gnifetti)(out)as above, 656 BCE, 2200 CE
    Scafetta's models(xlsx)annual onlywith RCP Scenarios

    f15.bon, f20.bon, f21.bon, f22.bon, f22c.bon, f22rcp.bon, afitgn.bon, afitgn-all.bon,
    gnifetti.bon, gnifetti1.bon, gnifetti2.bon, tanliu.bon,
    fitlis.f, fgnext.f, .f,
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