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Caspian Sea level 9000 BCE - 2019 CE

  • Beni et al., 2013 A. Naderi Beni, H. Lahijani, R. Mousavi Harami, K. Arpe, S.A.G. Leroy, N. Marriner, M. Berberian, V. Andrieu-Ponel, M. Djamali, A. Mahboubi and P. J. Reimer: Caspian sea-level changes during the historical and geological evidence from the south Caspian Sea , Clim. Past., 9, 1645-1665, 2013.
  • Chen et. al., 2017 J.L. Chen, C.R. Wilson, B.D. Tapley, H. Save and Jean-Francois Cretaux: Long-term and seasonal Caspian Sea level change from satellite gravity and altimeter measurements , J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth , 122, 2274-2290, 2017. (full text)
  • Klige and Myagkov, 1992 Klige R.K., Myagkov M.S.: Changes in the Water Regime of the Caspian Sea, GeoJournal, 27:3, 299-307, 1992. (abstract: paywalled full text. Ask for a copy)

  • (unu=United Nations University. An old web page)

    Plots, Figures        
    Central Asiapngfrom
    Caspian Region Mapjpgfrom
    Plots the digitalizationderives from
    Caspio 400kpngKlige fig.2Not digitized
    Caspio 9000pngUNU fig.8.3
    Caspio 600pngUNU fig.8.2
    Caspio ModernpngUNU fig.8.1
    Caspio Sat & HydropngHydroweb
    end plots
    All Caspio Levels (pdf) (png) Caspio-all2 Figure 1 of cm126.html post
    Levels 9000 BCE - 1870 CE (pdf) (png)
    Levels 600 BCE - 2000 CE (pdf) (png)
    Levels 1828-1991 CE (pdf) (png) Modern (mod)
    Levels 1992-2019 CE (pdf) (png) Satellite (sat)
    Levels 1828-2019 CE (pdf) (png) Combined (comb2)caspio-mod+caspio-sat
    Comparison Real-digitized (pdf) (png) From the same data: Test of digit. process
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    9000 BCE-1870 CE .txt
    Detrended by line.txt9000 BCE-1870 CE
    LOMB Spectrum .out
    600 BCE-1870 CE .txt
    Detrended by line.txt600 BCE-2000 CE
    LOMB Spectrum .out
    1828-1991 CE .txtModern
    Detrended by line.txt1828-1991 CE
    LOMB Spectrum .out
    1992-2019 CE .txtSatellite
    Detrended by line.txt1992-2019 CE
    LOMB Spectrum .out
    1992-2019 CE .txtReal Data
    Detrended by line.txt1992-2019 CE
    LOMB Spectrum .out
    1828-2019 CE .txtCombinedcaspio-mod+caspio-sat
    Detrended by line.txt1828-2019 CE
    LOMB Spectrum .out

    caspio.bon caspio600.bon, caspio-mod.bon, caspio-sat.bon, caspio-hydro.bon, caspio-comb2.bon, cfr-sat.bon,
    caspio.f caspio600.f caspio-mod.f caspio-sat.f caspio-hydro.f
    detrend-caspio.bmr detrend-caspio600.bmr, detrend-caspio-mod.bmr, detrend-caspio-sat.bmr, detrend-caspio-hydro.bmr, detrend-caspio-comb2.bmr,
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