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Summer Rainfall Index SRI) in Argentina and Comparisons

  • ENSO.html
  • ENSO evolution Report (NOAA, 2019-20)
  • Agosta-2014. Eduardo Andres Agosta: The 18.6-year nodal tidal cycle and the bi-decadal precipitation oscillation over the plains to the east of subtropical Andes, South America, Int. J. Climatol., 34, 1606-1614, 2014.
  • Diodato et al., 2020 . Nazzareno Diodato, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Gianni Bellocchi: Monthly storminess over the Po River Basin during the past millennium (800–2018 CE), Environ. Res. Commun, 2, 2020. (10-12 and 18-20 yr periods in Po river storm severity)
    Plots, Figures
    ONI (pdf) (png) 1950-2019
    Diodato etal, 2020 (pdf) (png) 800-2018 Figure 4
    E.Agosta SRI -->2012(pdf) (png) 1901-2012 and MEM spectrum
    E.Agosta SRI -->1977(pdf) (png) 1901-1977 and MEM spectrum
    E.Agosta SRI -->2012(pdf) (png) 1901-2012 WAVELETS Spectrum
    E.Agosta SRI -->1977(pdf) (png) 1901-1977 WAVELETS Spectrum
    Wye River CRU Wavelet(pdf) (png) 1856-2002 WAVELET Spectrum
    Wye River NRFA Wavelet (pdf) (png) 1956-2017 WAVELET Spectrum
    Wye River CRU MEM(pdf) (png) 1856-2002 MEM Spectrum
    Wye River NRFA MEM(pdf) (png) 1956-2017 MEM Spectrum
    ONI Original(data) Monthly
    ONI(txt) Monthly
    Agosta SRI(txt) year
    Agosta SRI MEM(out) 1901-2012
    Agosta1 SRI MEM(out) 1901-1977
    Wye CRU MEM(out) 1856-2002
    Wye NRFA MEM(out) 1956-2017


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