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Reference paper
  • Humlum et al., 2012
    (local file)
  • Ole Humlum, Kjell Stordahl, Jan-Erik Solheim The phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature, Global and Planetary Change, 100, 51-69, 2013.
    DOI: or,the same, at
    Direct access to abstract and
    Climate Monitor
    Data from (Single Stations) (Global CO2) (HadCrut3 NH&SH)

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    Global (pdf) CO2 (micromol/mol a.k.a. ppm)
    All (pdf) All stations
    All+NCDC (pdf) All stations+Temp.Anom.
    Global CO2 RA (pdf) 13-month running nean
    Detrending (pdf) (png) 13-month RA
    Detrending All (pdf) (png) All dataset detrended
    HC3b RA (pdf) 13-month running meanhalf-month
    Diff12 co2-hc3 (pdf) (png) 13-month RA (HC3*5) Fig.1
    Max-Diff12 (pdf) (png) CO2 lags respect to HC3 Fig.2
    Fig1+Fig2 CI (png) two plots together
    Fig1+Fig2 CI (png) two plots together & contact
    SST2b RA (pdf) 13-month running meanhalf-month
    Diff12 co2-hc3-sst2 (pdf) (png) 13-month RA (SST2*5) (Fig.1)
    Max-Diff12 (pdf) (png) CO2 & SST2 lags respect to HC3 may be a new Fig.2
    Max-Diff12-cfr (pdf) (png) lags All vs. CO2; lag SST2 vs. HC3 note different ordinates in (c) plot
    Spectrum DIFF12 All (pdf) (png) CO2Fig.3
    Spectrum DIFF12 All (pdf) (png) HadCrut3Fig.4
    Global CO2 (data)Original datafrom: see above
    Global CO2 RA(data)13-month running mean
    Global HC3 RA(data)13-month running mean
    Diff12-co2(data)13-month running mean
    Diff12-hc3(data)13-month running mean
    CO2-lags(data)CO2 lags respect to HC3
    Fit-Fig2(data)Fit of CO2 lags respect to HC3
    Spectrum DIFF12(data)power spct. diff12 co2 Global
    Spectrum DIFF12(data)power spct. diff12 hadcrut3 "monthly"

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