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d18O and d13C records spanning 65 Ma
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  • Fisher 1982 Fischer A.G.: Long-Term Climatic Oscillations Recorded in Stratigraphy , in: Climate in Earth History, National Acad. Press., 97-104, 1982
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  • Datasets available also at:
  • (by Willis Esch.)
  • (a more recent divulgative post by M.R. Rampino, where the whole story of million-year cycles is condensed, with some approximate references that perhaps can be found)
    Plots, Figures
    Fig1-Composite Obs. Series (pdf) (png)
    Figs34-Obs & Models Comp. (pdf) (png) Obs & Models
    Figs30-Wavelets (pdf) (png)
    Fig4-Willis (pdf) (png) Temperature vs. log CO2ΔT≠λΔF
    Fig1-Raup & Sepkoski (pdf) (png) Extinctions Series
    d18O-d13C, step 8 Kyr (pdf) (png) (cap)
    d18O-d13C, LOMB (pdf) (png) (cap)
    d18O LOMB, Extended (pdf) (png) (cap)
    d18O Wavelets, 0-34Ma (pdf) (png) (cap) Step 8KyrPAST
    d18O Wavelets, 34-67Ma (pdf) (png) (cap) Step 20KyrPAST
    d18O Wavelets, 0-34Ma (pdf) (png) (cap) Step 2Kyr PAST
    d18O Wavelets, 34-67Ma (pdf) (png) (cap) Step 5Kyr PAST
    d18O Wavelets, All (pdf) (png)Composite from PAST
    d13C LOMB, Extended (pdf) (png) (cap)
    Extinctions (pdf) (png) Extinctions Series0-250 Ma
    Dataset(xlsx)Original datasetUsed S34
    Data file(txt)Complete, Step 2/5 Kyr23,629 points
    Data file(txt)Used file, Step 8/20 Kyr5,909 points
    d18O LOMB Spectrum(out)
    d13C LOMB Spectrum(out)
    Extinctions Series(txt)Digitized from fig.1, Raup & Sepkoski,1984
    Extinctions Series LOMB(out)

    65ma5.bon 65ma5-lomb.bon 65ma5-lomb2.bon 65ma5-lomb3.bon ext.bon
    prepara.f five.f ext-det.bmr

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