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Greenland and Antarctica Ice melting
and its contribution to Sea level
  • Slater et al., 2020. Slater, T., Hogg, A.E. & Mottram, R. Ice-sheet losses track high-end sea-level rise projections, Nat. Clim. Chang., 2020.
  • IMBIE Team, 2018. IMBIE Team: Mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2017, Nature, 558, 219-235, 2018. Golledge, 2020 . Golledge N.R.: Long‐term projections of sea‐level rise from ice sheets., WIREs Climate Change, e6:34, 2020.
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  • (quote Slater et al. above)
    Plots, Figures
    Antarctica Map (pdf) (png) And surface areas
    SMB Antarctica (pdf) (png) 1992-2011 CE Surface Mass Balance, IMBIE 2018
    Slater 2020, fig.1 (pdf) (png) Models-Obs Comparison
    Levitus 2012 fig.S1-S2 (pdf) (png) 1955-2010 CE OHC GMSL (pdf) (png) 1993-2018 CE Global Sea level
    IMBIE-2012 (pdf) (png) 1992-2011 CE Mass & Sea Level change
    IMBIE-2018, -2020 (pdf) (png) 1992-2018-19 CE Mass & Sea Level change
    AIS (Diff) Mass (pdf) (png)1992-2017 CE Also Antarctica + 10
    AIS (Diff) Sea Level (pdf) (png)1992-2017 CE Also Antarctica + 0.04
    (Cum. Sea Level)
    (pdf) (png) 1992-2017 CE Antarctica+Greenland
    IMBIE 2012(xlsx)Original2012
    IMBIE 2018(xlsx)Original2018
    IMBIE Greenland(xlsx)Original2020
    IMBIE Antarctica(txt)Complete Antarctica
    IMBIE Ant.Penins.(txt)Antarctic Peninsula
    IMBIE EAntarctica(txt)East Antarctica
    IMBIE WAntarctica(txt)West Antarctica
    IMBIE Greenland ESL(txt)Equivalent Sea LevelGreenland
    IMBIE Greenland IM(txt)Ice MassGreenland
    ais.bon, ais-sl.bon, csl.bon, imbie-2012.bon, imbie-2018.bon,
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