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Mass Extintion at 251.93 Ma (Late Permian) in Hg/TOC worldwide series (TOC=Total Organic Carbon)
  • Prokoph et al., 2008. A. Prokoph, G.A. Shields, J. Veizer: Compilation and time-series analysis of a marine carbonate δ18O, δ13C, 87Sr/86Sr and δ34S database through Earth history, Earth-Science Reviews 87, 113-133, 2008.
  • Rampino et al., 2020. Michael R. Rampino , Ken Caldeira & Yuhong Zhu: A 27.5-My underlying periodicity detected in extinction episodes of non-marine tetrapods, Historical Biology, 2020.
  • Scafetta et al., 2020 Nicola Scafetta, Franco Milani, Antonio Bianchini: A 60-year cycle in the Meteorite fall frequency suggests a possible interplanetary dust forcing of the Earth’s climate driven by planetary oscillations, Geophis. Res. Lett., 2020.
  • Shen et al., 2019 Jun Shen, Jiubin Chen, Thomas J. Algeo, Shengliu Yuan, Qinglai Feng, Jianxin Yu, Lian Zhou1, Brennan O’Connell & Noah J. Planavsky: Evidence for a prolonged Permian–Triassic extinction interval from global marine mercury records, Nature Communications, 10, N.1563, 2019.
    Plots, Figures
    Time scale (Phanerozoic) (pdf) (png)540-0 Ma See also CM167
    Cores Map (pdf) (png)Fig 1 Shen, modifPangea, Pantalassa
    Fig 1 SM Shen (png)
    Akkamori, Fig 11 SM Shen (png)
    Ubara, Fig 10 SM Shen (png)
    Gujo, Fig 9 SM Shen (png)
    Opal, Fig 2 SM Shen (png)
    Ursula, Fig 3 SM Shen (png)
    Kejiao, Fig 7 SM Shen (png)
    Xinmin, Fig 6 SM Shen (png)
    Xiakou, Fig 5 SM Shen (png)
    Meishan, Fig 4 SM Shen (png)
    Balvany, Fig 8 SM Shen (png)
    δ13C 0-540 Ma (pdf) (png)from CM, local LOMB
    δ13C 250-258 Ma (pdf) (png)Shen fig 4, upper panel
    δ13C 249-255 Ma (pdf) (png)Prokoph,2008
    LR04 0.6-1.5 Ma (pdf) (png)from cm87 LOMB
    Only Hg/TOC ratio deep-to-shallowsediments
    Akkamori Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Akkamori Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age <=== Read cap
    Ubara Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Ubara Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age
    Gujo Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Gujo Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age
    Opal Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Opal Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age
    Ursula Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Ursula Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age
    Kejiao Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Kejiao Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age <=== Read cap
    Xinmin Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Xinmin Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age <=== Read cap
    Xiakou Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Xiakou Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age
    Meishan Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Meishan Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age
    Balvany Ratio (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth
    Balvany Ratio Lomb (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age <=== Read cap
    All Hg/TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age Fig.4 Shen, 2019
    Table 1 (html)
    Table 2 (html)
    Only TOC
    Akkamori TOC (pdf) (png) (cap) vs. Age & Depth Japan
    Akkamori Lomb (pdf) (png) Japan
    Ubara TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth Japan
    Ubara Lomb (pdf) (png) Japan
    Gujo TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth Japan
    Gujo Lomb (pdf) (png) Japan
    Opal TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth Canada
    Ursula TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth Canada
    Kejiao TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth China
    Kejiao Lomb (pdf) (png) Japan
    Xinmin, TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth China
    Xiakou, TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth China
    Meishan, TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth China
    Balvany, TOC (pdf) (png) (cap)vs. Age & Depth Hungary
    Balvany Lomb (pdf) (png) Hungary
    Original dataset(xlsx)(***)
    Akkamori Lomb(out)
    Ubara Lomb(out)
    Gujo Lomb(out)
    Kejiao Lomb(out)
    Balvany(txt)without Hg
    Balvany Hg(txt)with Hg
    Balvany LOMB(out)

    (***) the dataset has an apparent format error, so some colums have plenty of "#"s, while data values under such a tag exist.

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  • akka-rat-lomb.bon, ubara-rat-lomb.bon, gujo-rat-lomb.bon, opal-rat-lomb.bon, ursula-rat-lomb.bon, kej-rat-lomb.bon, xin-rat-lomb.bon,
    xia-rat-lomb.bon, mei-rat-lomb.bon, balva-rat-lomb.bon,
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