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Iberian river Tago's floods 1100-2000 CE
  • Benito et al., 2003. Benito G., Diez-Herrero A., Fernandez de Villalta M.: Magnitude and frequency of flooding in the Tagus basin (Central Spain) over the last millennium., Climatic Change, 58, 171-192, 2003. Also: the paper at Research Gate
  • Brazdil et al., 2005 Rudolf Brázdil, Christian Pfister, Heinz Wanner, Hans Von Storch and Jürg Luterbacher: Historical Climatology in Europe - The State of the Art , Climatic Change, 70(3), 363-430, 2004 Also: Climatology_In_Europe_-_The_State_Of_The_Art
  • Piola et al., 2005. Alberto R. Piola, Ricardo P.Matano, Elbio D. Palma, Osmar O. Möller Jr., Edmo J. D. Campos: The influence of the Plata River discharge on the western South Atlantic shelf, GRL, 32, 1, 2005.
  • Rao et al., 2020 . Mukund P. Rao, Edward R. Cook, Benjamin I. Cook, Rosanne D. D’Arrigo, Jonathan G. Palmer, Upmanu Lall, Connie A. Woodhouse, Brendan M. Buckley, Maria Uriarte, Daniel A. Bishop, Jun Jian & Peter J. Webster: Seven centuries of reconstructed Brahmaputra River discharge demonstrate underestimated high discharge and flood hazard frequency, Nat Commun , 11, 6017, 2020.
  • Vaquero, 2004. Vaquero, J.M.: Solar signal in the number of floods recorded for the Tagus river basin over the last millennium, Climatic Change, 23-26, 2004.
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  • Gudmundsson et al., 2019 Lukas Gudmundsson, Julien Boulange, Hong X. Do, Simon N. Gosling, Manolis G. Grillakis, Aristeidis G. Koutroulis, Michael Leonard, Junguo Liu, Hannes Müller Schmied, Lamprini Papadimitriou, Yadu Pokhrel, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Yusuke Satoh, Wim Thiery, Seth Westra, Xuebin Zhang, Fang Zhao Globally observed trends in mean and extreme river flow attributed to climate change , Science 371, 1159-1162, 2021. Also:
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    After the post was sent, I did find a paper (Gudmundsson et al., 2019) that imputes to Global Warming (Climate Change) the trend of rivers flow. Full text at Research Gate (see link below) and abstract at
    Dopo aver spedito il post ho trovato un articolo (Gudmundsson et al., 2019) che attribuisce al global warming (cambiamento climatico) il trend dei flussi fluviali. Per chi volesse approfondire, il full text è disponibile su Research Gate al link
    e l'abstract a
    Le stesse indicazioni sono disponibili nella bibliografia del sito di supporto. Franco

    Plots, Figures
    Benito03-fig4 (png)Used for digitalization (dotted line)
    Vaquero04-fig1 (png)Solar activity in floods frequency
    Czech Lands floods (png)Look also at CM175
    Tago map (png)Wiki
    Tago floods (pdf) (png)& MEM Spectrum
    Tago floods & Sun 2 (pdf) (png) (cap)Also Moldava River
    Tago floods & Sun 3 (pdf) (png) (cap)Also Moldava & Brahmaputra Rivers
    Tago floods 4 (pdf) (png) (cap)Also Moldava, Brahmaputra, Rio de la Plata Rivers
    Moldava dec.freq. (pdf) (png)& MEM Spectrum
    Brahmaputra dec.freq. (pdf) (png)& MEM Spectrum
    Tago floods 6 (pdf) (png) (cap)English Rivers Discharge: Wye, Thames, Tyn; Ireland rain
    Tago Dec. Freq.(txt)Digitized floods series (decadal frequency)
    Tago MEM(out)
    Moldava Dec. Freq.(txt) 10-yr bins
    Moldava MEM(out)
    Brahmaputra Dec. Freq.(txt) 10-yr bins
    Brahmaputra MEM(out)
    Rio Plata Outflow(txt) 1950-2000
    Rio Plata Dec. Freq.(txt) 10-yr bins
    3 English Rivers Dec.freq.(txt) 10-yr bins
    Thames Dec. Freq.(out) 10-yr bins
    Tyn Dec. Freq.(out) 10-yr bins
    Ireland rain Dec. Freq.(txt) 10-yr bins
    tago.bon, tago2.bon, tago3.bon, tago4.bon, tago5.bon, tago6.bon, moldava-dec.bon, brahma-dec.bon, dig.bmr,
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