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Half of the United States fires dataset no more available.
from NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center)
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  • data/documents/Indicator%2015/Indicator%2015.pdf
  • 239590838_The_History_of_Fire_in_the_Southern_United_States
    Please note: anything concerning the MEM spectra is present but it is written in light gray because only LOMB spectra are discussed here.
    Plots, Figures
    US fires 1926-2021 (pdf) (png) (cap) Original dataset, before the withdraw
    LOMB Spectrum (pdf) (png) (cap) 1926-2021 (lin-lin)
    MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) (cap) 1926-2021
    US fires 1983-2021 (pdf) (png) (cap) after the withdraw
    LOMB Spectrum (pdf) (png) (cap) 1983-2021
    MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) (cap) 1983-2021
    LOMB Spectra Comp. (pdf) (png) (cap)
    MEM Spectra Comp. (pdf) (png) (cap)
    fires 1926-2021(txt)
    Acres LOMB Spectrum(out)
    Number LOMB Spectrum(out)
    Acres83 LOMB Spectrum(out)
    Number83 LOMB Spectrum(out)
    Acres MEM Spectrum(out)
    Number MEM Spectrum(out)
    Acres83 MEM Spectrum(out)
    Number83 MEM Spectrum(out)
    fires.bon, fires-lomb.bon, fires83.bon, fires83-lomb.bon, fires-mem.bon, fires83-mem.bon,
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