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(773-775 & 993-994 CR events: comparison 10Be- proxies. February 9, 2015)
Miyake, 2013 (Doctoral Thesis)
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cr6-old (pdf) (png) Fuji and 6 proxies, 774-775 CR eventNot shifted by diff 10Be-14C/AD
cr6 (pdf) (png) Fuji and 6 proxies, 774-775 CR eventFuji shifted -5 years
cr6-40 (pdf) (png) As cr6, xrange=40 instead of 100 yrsFuji shifted -5 years
cr1/Lomb spectrum (pdf) (png) Fuji data, 10Be-14C age (A.D.) the CR event is located at 780 AD
cr1/Lomb det. spectrum (pdf) (png) Fuji data, 10Be-14C age (A.D.) Detrended data
FFT spectrum figs5         (png) Fuji data, Fourier spectrum interp at 1-yr step (Miyake et al, 2015 SI, fig.S5)
cr6-994 (pdf) (png) 6 proxies, 994 CR event
cfr-775-994 (pdf) (png) Comp. 775-994 CR eventand Lomb spectra
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fuji.dat.dat complete original sample
fujid.dat.dat detrended data
ca667mm.out.outaverage of chronologies raw data
yamalmm.out.outaverage of chronologies raw data
ak096mm.out.outaverage of chronologies raw data
chin046mm.out.outaverage of chronologies raw data
pages2k-arctic.txt.txtArctic temperature anomaly
gripd18o.txt.txtδ18O in GRIP Ice Core
fuji-lomb.out.outLomb spectrum evenly-spaced data
fujid-lomb.out.outLomb spectrum of detrended data
delta14c.out.out Data of Δ14C for both 775&994 AD fig 8-1 thesis
Annales regni francorum 776 .txt in Medieval Latin not traslated
Minoritatae-erphordensis.txt .txt in Medieval Latin not traslated
Annales Fuldenses .txt in Medieval Latin not traslated
Annales Xantenses .txt in Medieval Latin Original source
The Annals of Ulster html, pdf in Medieval English
Sentences from Annals .html selected sentences partly translated
Foto da Coelum 1938 e 1939 

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