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80's Break Point in (23) 24 Mediterranean Sea-Level Stations
*** Added Bakar (Croatia) after publication ***

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Plots, Figures   
GLOBAL 1993-2016 rate in 80's(Mariani), The same (medit1)
Slope & Accel (pdf) (png) Ave. Accel:(0.034±0.008)
Ave. Slope:(3.40±0.02)
Mediterranean Stations 24 stations 00readme.txtStations Map
Alexandria(pdf) (png) (zoom) Parabolic and linear fits, 13-points low-pass filter
Alexandroupolis(pdf) (png) (zoom) The same for all stations
Alicante1(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Alicante2(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Bakar(pdf) (png) (zoom) Added
Ceuta(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Constantza(pdf) (png) (zoom) Black Sea
Genova1(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Iraklion(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Khalkis-n(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Khalkis-s(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Khios(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Koper(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Malaga(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Marseille(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Nice(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Port Vendres(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Siros(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Soudhas(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Split1(pdf) (png) (zoom) Marjana
Thessaloniki(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Trieste1(pdf) (png) (zoom)
Varna(pdf) (png) (zoom) Black Sea
Venezia4(pdf) (png) (zoom) Punta della Salute
ACF plots(pdf) (png) 6 stations
ACF2 plots(pdf) (png) 18 stations
GLOBAL 1993-2016
Global MSL (txt)Year, MSL (mm)ns=no season
24 Mediterranean Stations 00readme.txt
Alexandria (txt)acf (out)
Alexandroupolis (txt)acf (out)
Alicante1 (txt)acf (out)
Alicante2 (txt)acf (out)
Bakar (txt)acf (out)Added
Ceuta (txt)acf (out)
Costantza (txt)acf (out)
Genova1 (txt)acf (out)
Iraklion (txt)acf (out)
Khalkis-n (txt)acf (out)
Khalkis-s (txt)acf (out)
Khios (txt)acf (out)
Koper (txt)acf (out)
Malaga(txt)acf (out)
Marseille(txt)acf (out)
Nice(txt)acf (out)
Port Vendres(txt)acf (out)
Siros(txt)acf (out)
Soudhas(txt)acf (out)
Split1(txt)acf (out)Marjana
Thessaloniki(txt)acf (out)
Trieste1(txt)acf (out)
Varna(txt)acf (out)
Venezia4(txt)acf (out)Punta della Salute (app)Parabolic and linear fits of tide gauge data (app)Analysis of Persistence, Autocorrelation, Hurst Coefficent, BP?

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