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Confirmation of non-existence of the 100ka period (orbital eccentricity)

Please note: the acronim VPDB which appears in some plots refers to the International Reference Standard Vienna Pee Dee Belemnite (wiki).

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00readme.html Cheng et al., 2016 Tzedakis et al., 2017
Dongge δ18O (pdf) (png) Composite stalagmite δ18O and LOMB spectra
Dongge δ18O LOMB (pdf) (png) All Lomb Spectra from Dongge stalagmite
LR04 0-2.7 ka (pdf) (png) Lomb Spectrum for LR04 0-2.7 ka δ18O
LR04 1.5-2.7 ka (pdf) (png) Lomb Spectrum for LR04 1.5-2.7 ka δ18O
LR04 0.6-1.5 ka (pdf) (png) Lomb Spectrum for LR04 0.6-1.5 ka δ18O
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00readme.txt Cheng et al., 2016
Dongge data .txtcomplete original data
Dongge data .txt datasetused here
LOMB D8 .outD8 core
LOMB SB12 .outSB12 core
LOMB SB14 .outSB14 core
LOMB SB32 .outSB32 core
LOMB SB58 .outSB58 core

dongge.bon, dongge-lomb.bon,
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