• National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
  • "We apply the downscaling to two 30-years periods: 1960-1989, with present climate green- house gas concentration (labeled in the following C20), and 2070-2099, with the IPCC-AR4 A2 future climate scenario greenhouse gas concentration (la- beled A2)". (PhD Thesis)
    Bianchinopdf pngAll events together 
    Bianchino+Fitapdf pngSeparated
    Bianchino+Fita+B76&11pdf png 
    Cavicchia Scenari pdf pngSituation room: NCEP60,C20,A2 (PhD Thesis)
    Cavicchia NCEP48pdf pngMedicane Simulation 1948-2010
    Cavicchia NCEP76pdf png Medicane Simulation 1976-2010
    Cavicchia C20pdf pngMedicane Simulation 1970-1990
    Cavicchia C20-76pdf png Medicane Simulation 1976-1990
    Cavicchia A2pdf pngMedicane Simulation 2070-2100
    ccf fita-med/NCEP pdf pngMedicanes only
    ccf fita-all/NCEP pdf pngAll events
    ccf fita/C20 pdf pngMedicanes only
    ccf NCEP/C20 pdf png
    acf fita-med pdf pngFita, Medicanes only, ACF
    acf fita-all pdf pngFita, All events, ACF
    acf NCEP pdf pngNCEP60, ACF
    acf C20 pdf pngC20, ACF
    acf A2 pdf pngA2, ACF
    acf All plots pdf pngAll ACF plots
    CFR-FITpdf png CCF between fits of NCEP76 and C20-76
    CFR-OBSpdf png CCF between NCEP76 & FitaMed
    CFR-OBS-ALLpdf png CCF between NCEP76 & FitaAll
    CFR-OBS-AUTOpdf png ACF of NCEP76 & Fita Meds
    CFR-MODpdf png CCF of NCEP76 & C20
    CFR-MOD-AUTOpdf png ACF of NCEP76 & C20
    Cavicchia-NCEPpdf png  
    Cavicchia-C20pdf png Actual atmospheric parameters
    Cavicchia-A2pdf png Future atmospheric framework (IPCC)
    Fita Obspdf png Fita: Obs. Medicanes 1982-2008
    All Spectrapdf png Spectra of all available data/simulations
    Nudge Factorpdf png von Storch et al.,2000, Eq.3
    Fita+B76&11output file of the fit (1976-2011)
    Fita's original data 
    Cavicchia NCEP60Medicanes simulation data
    Cavicchia NCEP48output file of the fit(1948-2010)
    Cavicchia NCEP76output file of the fit(1976-2010)
    Cavicchia C20Medicanes simulation data
    Cavicchia C20-70output file of the fit(1970-1990)
    Cavicchia C20-76output file of the fit(1976-1990)
    Cavicchia A2Medicanes simulation data
    Cavicchia A2-2070output file of the fit(2070-2100)
    ccf Fita med/NCEPdata
    ccf Fita all/NCEPdata
    ccf Fita/C20data
    ccf NCEP/C20data
    acf Fita meddata
    acf Fita alldata
    acf NCEPdata
    acf C20data
    acf A2data
    ACF of NCEP76 output file of cfr-obs-auto.bon
    ACF of Fita Meds output file of cfr-obs-auto.bon
    ACF of C20 output file of cfr-mod-auto.bon (fcorr.out)
    ACF of NCEP76 output file of cfr-mod-auto.bon (fcorr.out)
    CCF of C20 & NCEP76 output file of cfr-mod.bon
    Comparison between
    NCEP76 & C20-76 fits
    output file of cfr-fit.f
    CCF of NCEP76 & C20-76 fits output file of cfr-fit.bon (fcorr.out)
    CCF of Fita all & NCEP76 output file of cfr-obs.bon (fcorr.out)
    CCF of Fita Meds &NCEP76 output file of cfr-obs.bon (fcorr.out)
    Fita Obsdata
    Sites et al.  
    Bianchino's site 
    Fita's Site 
    Romero's site 
    Cavicchia, L. 2013 A long-term climatology of medicanes PHD Thesis
    Cavicchia, L., von Storch, H., Gualdi, S. 2013
    abstract + 1 "Look inside"
    Cavicchia, L., von Storch, H. 2012
    abstract + 1 "Look inside"
    Advances in GeosciencesVol.2, 2005Full text pdf
    6th Plinius Conference
    on Mediterranean Storms (2004)
    von Storch et al., 2000: von Storch H., Langenberg H., Feser F.:
    A Spectral Nudging Technique for Dynamical
    Downscaling Purposes
    Monthly Weather Review , 128, 3664-3673, 2000.
    Freely available at the AMS site, here
    Pubblications (PDF) of Romu Romero. Universitat de les Illes Balears

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